APRIL 21, 22 & 23, 2017
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Special Workshops


The Truth About Cancer – Episode 1 – The True History of Chemo & the Pharmaceutical Monopoly 

Film introduced by Ty Bollinger, Producer.

Film admission included in Exhibition Ticket

Friday, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, Room 206

Discover the true history of the modern medical system, including the Flexner Report of 1910, and learn why nutrition takes a back seat to prescription drugs in today's health paradigm. Learn about how cancer treatments have actively been suppressed and hear the stories from doctors and patients alike who have been persecuted for stepping outside the box. Visit a clinic in Mexico that is treating cancer naturally and hear testimonies from patients who are alive to tell their story.


The Truth About Cancer – Episode 2 - Cancer Facts & Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils

Film introduced by Ty Bollinger, Producer

Film admission included in Exhibition Ticket

Saturday 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Room 206

Learn about the importance of the immune system, how to stop cancer from spreading, and how to treat breast cancer naturally and discover the alarming data on the hidden dangers of mammograms and over diagnosis. Take a trip to Australia as we uncover natural plants used to treat skin cancer and learn how plants can be a staple of any cancer fighting protocol. Learn about how essential oils have been used for millennia to successfully treat various types of cancer.

Dr. David Brownstein, MD

A Holistic Approach to Thyroid Disorders   Workshop: $30

Saturday, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Room 205

Dr. Brownstein will discuss the factors that inhibit thyroid hormone from working in the body including nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicities and hormone imbalances. He will describe natural therapies to treat these issues.
Workshop is followed by Q&A session.

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs, R.Ph.

How to Have Healthy Glowing Skin   Workshop $30

Saturday, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Room 203

Ben will show you how to slow down the aging process and deal effectively with skin health issues. Learn:


 Drs. Desiree and James J. Hurtak, PhD

Mind Dynamics: A Key to Consciousness Change     Workshop: $30

Sunday, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Room 206

In this workshop, J.J. and Desiree Hurtak will examine the subject of 'remote viewing' as it relates to changing our reality through creating new quantum possibilities. This can be demonstrated through intention, perception and healing through the power of mindfulness.

Ibrahim and Doreya Karim

Introduction to the Egyptian Science of BioGeometry and BioSignatures Workshop: $40

Sunday, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Room 205

BioGeometry uses the subtle energy effects of geometric form, colour, angle, etc. to introduce natural balance on all levels of being. The result is a powerful, interactive way of creating harmony in living things and spaces. BioSignatures, a special branch of BioGeometry, are precisely constructed linear diagrams that have the same geometric configurations as specific vital energy patterns within the organs in the body. When placed within the peripheral human energy field, a resonant connection occurs, harmonizing the corresponding energy function within the internal organ.

Darrell Wolfe, Ac.PhD

Awakening Transformation Training. Workshop: $30

Sunday, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Room 203

Darrell will offer a training session to show you how to access your unconscious and erase dysfunctional programs and belief systems that you are not yet aware are running and controlling you. When you learn to harness your subconscious, your subconscious will now serve you. Awaken and live Healthy to 100!

 Note: All prices include HST for Special Workshops