April 12, 13 & 14, 2019
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Special Workshops

2018 Workshop Information


Create the Perfect Day for the Perfect Life
Presented by Darrell Wolfe

admission $30

Saturday, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Room 205

How would it feel to have the power to heal yourself on a physical and emotional level? In this 3-hour breakthrough event, you will be given strategies and techniques to master your body and mind from the minute you wake up to the minute your head meets your pillow at night. Discover your true self, your real self with the Perfect Day Workshop. In just 3 hours you will learn how to eliminate your pain and suffering on a physical and emotional level by learning to honor, respect, protect and love yourself so you can live a life filled with joy. Booth 424   docofdetox.com

All attendees at Dr. Wolfe's lecture will receive Dr. Wolfe’s Brave Heart Online Training package (400$ value). itioh.com


Energy Psychology Exercises:
Shamanic Energy Medicine f
or Day to Day

Presented by Gaisheda Kheawok

admission $30

Saturday, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Room 203

Learn simple Energy Medicine Exercises to enhance your life. Master the art of divining and dowsing your own energy field. Develop grounding and protecting exercises. Learn how not to leak energy and create better energetic boundaries. Whether you are a novice or practitioner, come to experience the transformative power of Energy Medicine with Gaisheda Kheawok and The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine Practitioners and Faculty. Booth 108    whisperingsong.ca



The “Healing Fields” of Nikola Tesla

Hosted by Robert Connolly, Producer/Director, The Healing Field.

admission $30

Sunday, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Room 206

Featuring talks with: Dr. Magda Havas - Professor at Trent University, Valerio Dellago - Inventor of Seqex magnetic field technology for humans, Wayne Kraushar - CEO of Centurion Systems specializing in magnetic fields for animals, Jason Quitt - Owner of The Crystal Sun. Specialist in crystal technology.  John Neister - CEO of Sterilray - Specialist in Ultraviolet light in medicine. 

In this 3-hour interactive intensive workshop, Robert Connolly will present segments of his upcoming 3-part  "Healing Fields" documentary miniseries that detail the history and construction of Nikola Tesla’s ancient inventions that utilized ultraviolet light and magnetic energy.  Using never before seen footage from his 6-year journey around the world, the audience will learn about Health Canada and FDA approved modern medical devices that utilize Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF), Ozone, Ultraviolet light, Radio Frequencies and Quartz Crystal which all have their roots in Tesla technology. Explore the inner workings of the exclusive European spas where the rich and famous go to treat cancer using Tesla technology. Visit the Tesla Museum In Belgrade. Tour the factories of the former Soviet Union where Tesla’s healing inventions are still being manufactured.

Witness these machines demonstrated live onstage. Meet in person the cast of scientists, doctors and specialists and then listen to answers to questions presented from Connolly and the audience in a fireside chat interview format - complete with musical guests performances of Robert’s Plant Band that were grown with special magnetic fields;)  teslamania.tv


3-Hour Advanced Training:
World Class Wolfe Deep Tissue Training & Treatment
Presented by Darrell Wolfe

admission $30

Sunday, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Room 205

Come learn and experience the most powerful bodywork therapy that will restore your joints and muscles, providing instant pain relief and increased range of motion, flexibility and strength within minutes. This technique that we will show and teach will lengthen, strengthen, detoxify and tone body tissue and organs. We will demonstrate before your eyes the reversal of fibroids, adhesions and scar tissue. Learn techniques and strategies to reverse and prevent scar tissue. Scar tissue is the main cause of aging, circulatory problems and mutation. This workshop is designed for those committed to living life at a level that few will ever experience, take back your power. When you take personal action, miracles happen, welcome to your new life!   Booth 424   docofdetox.com


Bring a hand towel, massage oil, wear loose fitting clothes (shorts & tank top preferred)


All attendees at Dr. Wolfe's lecture will receive the Brave Heart Online Training package (400$ value).  itioh.com