Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Edda West (Winlaw, BC)

Edda has been researching vaccine safety issues since her daughter's severe vaccine reaction in 1977. In 1982, when Ontario passed the ‘mandatory’ Immunization of School Pupils Act, she along with other concerned parents, co-founded an Action group to protest the new law which contravened our Charter rights. Following a two year lobby effort, the Act was amended and parents won the legal right to personal belief exemptions from vaccination. No child in Ontario can be turned away from school for not having all the 'required' shots. Today our right to informed consent is under threat again as Ontario plans to narrow access to vaccine exemptions. Edda West is co-founder and President of Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly VRAN), a not-for-profit educational society which advocates for informed consent prior to vaccination.  Meet Edda in the Vaccine Choice Canada  Booth 326.