APRIL 21, 22 & 23, 2017
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Exhibits & Exhibit Stages:
Friday4pm - 9pm
Saturday10am - 9pm
Sunday10am - 7pm
Friday5pm - 7pm
Saturday11am - 6pm
Sunday11am - 6pm
Friday7pm - 10pm
Saturday6pm - 9pm
Sunday6pm - 9pm
(all prices include HST):
Exhibit Hall Pass$10
Lectures and Exhibition: 
Saturday or Sunday$30
Full Weekend$50
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Evenings 
See Special Workshops page for individual pricing 


Total Health 2017 is very pleased to present over 200 exhibitors and 60 cutting edge speakers in the natural health field.

# GEORGE NOORY, popular radio talk show host of Coast to Coast AM will speak at the following events:
  1. Moderator: Panel Presentation
    Saturday, April 22, 12 noon to 2pm
    Panelists: Ty Bollinger, Dr. Joel Wallach, Pharmacist Ben Fuchs and more.

  2. "Meet & Greet" with George Noory and Tom Danheiser
    Saturday, April 22, 6pm to 8pm
    George will present Helpful Health Hints and information about natural healing, spiritual knowledge & sustainable living.
    Followed by Q & A session.
George Noory's website: www.coasttocoastam.com
# TY BOLLINGER, health freedom advocate, health researcher, former competitive bodybuilder, talk radio host and bestselling author will speak on:
1. The Truth About Vaccines.
2. Non-Toxic Treatments for Cancer and Prevention Techniques
He will present excerpts from his new series "The Truth About Vaccines"
Ty Bollinger's website: www.thetruthaboutcancer.com
Note: All lectures are being recorded. Individual lectures can be purchased for as low as $5 each and the complete conference set which includes over 80 lectures can be purchased for only $199! Please go to www.totalhealthshow.com/showinfo/cdsdvds.cfm to purchase online.

40th Annual Convention and Exhibition

Total Health 2017 our nation's premier national health show, will celebrate 40 years of striving to make a difference in the world, bringing cutting edge knowledge to the public by the leading innovators in the natural health field.

Our speakers will focus on creating good health and preventing disease using natural methods: good nutrition, living foods, herbs, natural supplements, diverse healing modalities, energy medicine, organic gardening, traditional farming, agricultural biodiversity, healthy homes, ecologically based communities, renewable energy source and preserving a healthy environment for our children. We as consumers must choose foods and medicines which do no harm to people, animals or our planet.

Our central Gourmet Organic Cafe and relaxing Spa Oasis provide delicious food, massage and an invigorating and uplifting atmosphere.